Re: [Evolution] How to enable resend


Thanks for that.

As per other posting, it does not work for other than Sent Items folder.
I was trying to send from a sub-folder hence the problem.


On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 17:29, guenther wrote:
Sorry if this is a stupid one, but how do I enable a previously sent
email to be resent?

The option is there, but is greyed out.

AFAIK this option is only available for folders used as a destination
folder to store Sent mail.

You can have a distinct Sent mail folder for every account:
 Tools / Settings / Mail Accounts / <account> Edit / Defaults

Unfortunately you cannot resend mail which is in other folders, unless
you move/copy them to a Sent folder (at least temporary). Regardless of
moving those mails manually or automatically with an outgoing filter.


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