Re: [Evolution] Very annoying(!) shorts hangs while typing

the problem is that your machine is having problems resolving your host
name. You probably need to fix your /etc/hosts file or something.


On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 11:12, Pierre Bilodeau wrote:
I am relatively new to Evolution and consider it as a great product. 
However, there is this one thing that really annoys me:   When I type
messages, it seems to randomly freeze during 8 or 9 seconds, at an
interval of about every 60 seconds.   I originally thought it had to do
with the checking of mail on the server, but my account is set to check
every 2 minutes, but It freeze every minute or so, so there is no
apparent relation.

By the way, when it freeze, it's the whole evolution application that is
frozen, not only the typing part.

Is this something one of you ever experienced?   As a side note, when
this is happening, every other application already running still runs
flawlessly, with no slow down whatsoever.

For example, while typing this message, it froze on me 4 times!!!

Thanks in advance!

Pierre Bilodeau
BML Consultation Inc
PBilodeau BmlConsult com

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