Re: [Evolution] Backup and Restore

From: guenther <guenther rudersport de>
To: "Celsun ." <tarcell hotmail com>
CC: darren dzr-web com, evolution lists ximian com
Subject: Re: [Evolution] Backup and Restore
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 08:54:16 +0100

> > [ snip ]
> > Ack.
> guenther, this doesn't even begin to describe how I felt, when I realized > all those e-mails, contacts, etc... were gone. :-( Even now, I try not to
> think about it.

Celsun, this was in no way intended as you seem to understand it. I am
*really* sorry for you.

guenther, I wasn't offended by it. Thought it meant something like "argh", "yuck", or anything else that describes the woe I was feeling.

The "ack" is just a short way to say, the above is totally correct.
That's what I intended, as the info by Darren was really good. I just
wanted to comment and try to help.

Thank you and others for being patient and understanding and taking time to clarify things. guenther, you have been a big help.

> guenther, the parts done correctly on my first attempt were from your posts
> on October 2003 - "Tips on restoring Evolution from backup" and November
> 2003 - "Mail folder file locations." Thank you. The parts that messed me up > were from posts in late August and early September 2003. The confusing part
> of those posts was just a plain "cd".  Yes, I'm new to Linux.  :-)

I just re-checked all those mails, and at least there is no false advice
given. This sure does not make your situation any better. I only checked
to make sure, there is nothing wrong left in the archives.

In fact, I am kinda paranoid when I advice folks how to mess with their
sensitive data. I double check those commands and I even treat them on
my own accounts before posting. Thus they are often copied directly from
my console.

guenther, please accept my apology for this misunderstanding. I surely DID NOT mean to imply that any of the advice was incorrect. I take full responsibilty for the outcome of my situation. Your posts were very helpful to me because they "went the extra mile" for someone with limited knowledge.

> > > > It turned out to be a big mess and even though I saw hundreds of files being > > > > archived, the archive file appears to be empty now. (46B) How and why did
> > > > this happen?
> >
> >You should not have seen any file being archived (the v parameter is for
> >verbose, and thus any file archived is displayed while archiving).
> Maybe I didn't state the above correctly.  After I typed "tar czvf
> evolution.tar.gz evolution", the screen scrolled real fast displaying the
> files.

Your description was fine. Using verbose mode, those are the files being
archived. I just don't see, how you could get any output like that, if
there is no such directory. :-/


Even though it was done in the wrong directory :-( I think the backup was done correctly. When trying to restore it nothing happened. Now I remember the other command I used was "tar -zxvf /home/evolution/evolution.tar.gz -C" ('tar --help' is my new friend)


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