[Evolution] Changing the Spell Check color

Hi all,

        When 1.4 was released, there was a bug in the spell checker that
wouldn't allow you to change the spell check color..  There were (I
believe) 2 ways to fix this.  First was to uncheck and recheck the
"check spelling" option and then change the color..  I'm not sure what
the other way was...

        I'm running 1.4.5 on Redhat 9.0 and my spell check color seems to be
stuck as black.  This seems to disable spell checking (at least, there
are no black squiqqles anywhere ... even when I mispell a word ...)

        I'm running the latest snapshot images of everything except evolution
itself (because I run connector) ...

        Anyone know where I can manually set this in the config files?


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