Re: [Evolution] Moving settings between computers

I have Evolution on my home computer with several (6+) accounts on it,
and lots of offline folders, as well as some filters.  I'd like to
transfer this information over to my work computer without having to
re-add all the accounts and filters and settings manually, but can't
seem to get it to work.  If I copy over my ~/.evolution directory and
my ~/.gconf/apps/evolution directory to my work computer and run
Evolution I still get the First-Run Assistant.

You will need to stop Evolution backend tasks and the GConf daemon
before copying your data. On *both* machines (syncing the data to disk
on the source machine and not using old data on target machine):

$ evolution --force-shutdown
$ gconftools-2 --shutdown

Anyone know how this can be done?  I'm using Evolution 2.0.2

Yeah, sure... :)


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