Re: [Evolution] Forward Attachments

It would seem that I can no longer forward email which have attachments
to also include their attachments. IE I have a request sent to me with
two Excel spreadsheets which I can open in OpenOffice. When I try Reply
to all, Reply or Forward their are no attachments listed.

Forwarding as Attachments does forward the whole message always,
including any attachment -- regardless of the Content-Disposition value
of the attachments.

When replying or forwarding inline/quoted, attachments will be included
only if Content-Disposition is "inline". They will not be included for
Content-Disposition attachment.

Content-Disposition can be set by the sender of an email only. It is
called "Suggest automatic display" when attaching files within
Evolution. Content-Disposition decides, if the mailer will try to
display the attachments content within the mail by default (inline), or
if only a placeholder should be displayed (attachment).

There was an old bug regarding this issue, resolved:

IMHO it is a good idea, to not attach any attachment, when forwarding
inline, as this would look like the one forwarding has attached them,
rather than the original sender. Forwarding as attachment does not
reveal this potential confusion, as you can tell the origin of any
attachment due to cascaded mime attachments.

When replying to a mail, I never want to send the attachment again.
Well, as I reply, the recipient already has that attached file...

If you want to attach any previous attachment nonetheless, you simply
can do this by drag-n-drop. The attachment "button" can be dragged, just
drop it over the Composers attachment pane. You do not need to save the
attachment first.



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