[Evolution] Evolution 1.5 Out of Office and Contact Notes]

I just noticed that I posted this to the wrong group:>) Apologies for the noise.

1) Evolution LDAP lookups to AD are still crashing. I know their seem to
be a lot of posts and duplicates out their concerning this... Is their
anything I can do to assist or wait patiently and be willing to test
once it is fixed. (how will I know that also?)
2) I was out of the Office traveling all last week and went to set my
out-of-office reply (corporate standard) and could not. I thought I had
tested that with the 1.46 attempt I did and it worked fine but seems 1.5
no longer has that (or it has moved). Also on that note is their a way
to make sure that all my filters run PRIOR to it replying with the Out-
of-Office messages so my user groups don't get the spam reply?
3) The last thing is contacts->notes. I put a lot of notes in that
section as I file stuff by company (for example NOvell would be the
contact with all my tech contact people and their contact info as
notes). In Evolution 1.4.6 it was fine as it has a nice sized window for
displaying this information, now it is completely none usable. I have
tried to find a way to make it resize the pane, or resort the contact
way of doing things but it does not work. Many times I try to cut and
paste info I hold their and it does not work. Any thoughts?


Jeremey Wise

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