Re: [Evolution] Evo connector, how can I create a note.

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 16:40 -0500, Joseph Brockert wrote:
I'm running evo 1.4.5 with the ms connector and reading my email from 
an ms exchange server. I have a notes folder and if I run the microsoft
client I can create a note. It shows up as a little yellow sticky. When
I go to Evolution I can view that note but I can't change or edit it,
nor can I create new notes. It looks like a read only feature.

Yup, it is. The notes you create in Outlook show up mostly looking like
email messages with a few extra properties (like what color sticky they
are), and Connector tweaks them to display "correctly". But evolution
doesn't have a notes editor, so you can't create new ones. (You can use
the Post New Message command in Actions to post something, but it will
show up as an email message in Outlook.)

-- Dan

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