[Evolution] Is it just me?


I run Postfix 2.1 and use pcre-regexp header/mime header checks (mime
headers are actually in the message body). These check for (many)
Microsoft extensions (exe, vbs, vba, pif, zip and lots of others) and
reject (smtp 550) them. So my mail server refuses to receive them.

I'm at present refusing 2-3 per day *claiming* to be from this list (my
Postfix logs say so). The reason's long and involved, but I can't
readily check whether this is "backscatter" (Wietse Venema word for
false MAIL FROM:s) or whether they really do come from the Evo list.

If they really are from the list, then shame on the maintainer. If they
aren't, then my apologies to the maintainer, I can accept them and
simply direct them to /dev/null instead.

I'd appreciate a (non-swear)word as to what might be the actual cause.



We make out of the quarrel with others rhetoric
but out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.

mail: billy - at - billy.demon.nl

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