[Evolution] HTML Links

Still migrating from Windows XP. Still a few glitches. 

1)I get a lot of emails where their are urls included. In Evolution
their seems to be an issues where I can not click on a link and it opens
the url in a web browser. It gives the option to "open link in Browser".
When I click on it it just sits their. Poked around in menus and in
~/evolution direcory. I want it to use Mozilla by default vs Konqueror
but one step at a time. I found this article which seems to touch on the
issue but their does not seem to be an equivalency in kde:

2) I have created a printer for my sysem (HPLJ 4050 on Jetdirect PS)
Printer works fine in all other applications BUT evolution. Job is
submited and sent to the printer. Printer buffer shows data coming in
but then never prints (buffer flushed). If I cut and paste the messages
into any other application (Ooo or kwrite) they print fine. I have tried
kmail and it works. Any suggestions? I would normaly say KDE or CUPS (in
that it gets to the printer then dies, if it wasn't for the consistancy
of the error.

SuSE 9.0 (2.6.5)
kde 3.1.4

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