[Evolution] LDAP contacts and 1.5.7


I decided last night to take the plunge and move to 1.5.7 (too many
discussions on 1.5 not to). So far I haven't noticed any major issues. But
I am still having issues with LDAP and contacts.

I've setup an LDAP server which is working fine for searches (either in
the address book or the mailer). But whenever I go into the contacts
section and look at contacts from that server the contacts are empty. I
looked in the help for setting up ldap contact but there is nothing in
there that points to the problem I am having. I haven't installed the
evolution schema (and probably won't be able to as its the corporate LDAP
server). I was also under the impression that the evolution schema would
only provide additional attributes (such as birthday) that a regular
person would still show up.


-- chris

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