[Evolution] New mail view


I have a question on evolution's configuration.

Is there any way I can make evolution to show the last new message on a

I mean, I have a XYZ folder, usually with more than a thousand mails. So
when I receive a new mail download (let's say 50 new mails on the
folder) I would like evolution to display the last new message at first
when clicking on the folder, but with a thread view. This feature I
liked from Sylpheed.

Let's say I have this view:

+old mail
|-old mail
 |-new mail (w)

+new mail (x)
|-new mail (y)
|-new mail (z)

So when I click on that folder I would like to see the mail (w) at least
on the Preview Panel, but preferredly on the Mail Display View.

I hope you find my explanation clear.

Please CC:'me, since I am not suscribed to the list.


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