Re: [Evolution] Evolution 1.4.6

Ludovic BOUDEHEN wrote:

i can't open an attached file he say me just save on hard drive, i
want to open directly on the mail.
Somebody knows the way for the partner an application about the file
attached to open the file attached whitout save file in the hard drive

[replied directly and to the list]

Check if you have the right gnome mime-settings for whatever you are
trying to open. Easiest way would be to run gnome-control-center
(evolution is a gnome-based application so it won't be interested in
your kde settings) and change/define the appropriate "file types and
programs" under "advanced".

You are likely going to have to launch an external program to view
whatever the attachment is, but once Gnome is properly configured you
can do this directly from Evolution.


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