Re: [Evolution] Evolution Warning/Errors

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 14:20, Jason Frisvold wrote:
Can someone identify these errors for me?

warning: failed to load external entity

did you ever create a folder called "local" in your Local Folders tree?
my guess is that you did, and at some point deleted it but somehow evo
didn't finish deleting the folder.

just `rm -rf /home/friz/evolution/local/local`

The file mentioned does not exist...  Since I'm getting a warning about
it, I'm guessing it should exist?  how do I create this?

it should only exist if you've got data in there.

(evolution:2198): camel-WARNING **: Invalid root:

If you drop the leading / from the above path, then the file does
exist..  Why is it adding in this additional / ???  How do I fix this?

I don't think it is saying invalid root because of the extra leading /,
but I don't really know. Unix doesn't mind if you add extra directory
separators in the path.

//home/foo is the same as /home//foo which is the same as /home/foo and
the same as //home//foo as far as unix filesystems care.

(evolution:2198): camel-WARNING **: version: TEXT.000 (TEXT.000)
(evolution:2198): camel-WARNING **: block size: 1024 (1024) OK
(evolution:2198): camel-WARNING **: free: 0 (0 add size < 7168) OK
(evolution:2198): camel-WARNING **: last: 8192 (8192 and size: 7168) BAD
(evolution:2198): camel-WARNING **: flags: unSYNC

Do I need to worry about any of the above?  I'm not sure what they all
mean ...  ?

this is just indexer debug spew, not anything you need worry about.

(evolution:2198): Gdk-WARNING **: The X server advertises that RENDER
support is present, but fails to supply the necessary pixmap support. 
In other words, it is buggy.

Hrm...  Is this fixable?

ask the gdk and/or X developers.

Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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