Re: [Evolution] Address Harvesting

I also run a mailing list but I don't allow the addresses to be archived
as that's a basic no-no, IMHO. Surely mailman can be configured to
remove e-mail addresses from the archives?

This may cut it down a bit, but I don't really see the benefit.
Harvesters will subscribe to mailing lists, once the archives dropped
the From address.

Thus we would have to drop the address from the mail sent out by the
list server, too -- which would disable the option of private
correspondence and is even worse than Reply-To: munging. :-/

When I think about it, it certainly should be possible, and if so I
can't imagine why they're doing it.  I use different email addresses for
various mailing lists, and this one gets the most spam by far.  Love
those Microsoft Support offers I've been getting lately.

You mean the W32/Swen worm? This isn't due to email harvesting but due
to stupid folks using MS Outlook and clicking every link...

btw: You love them? I am getting really annoyed be them -- got too many
the last few days...


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