[Evolution] Character encoding in 1.4.x


I've received notices from a couple people know that my messages aren't
readable.  One person thought it was greek another croatian.

Most recently it was this message that a client reported:

This message uses a character set that is not supported by the
Internet Service.  To view the original message content,  open the
attached message. If the text doesn't display correctly, save the
attachment to disk, and then open it using a viewer that can display
the original character set. 

I only use text messages, so I found this very confusing.  My default
character set was set to Western European (which I figured would be fine
for English).  What should it be for English?  I've switched it to UTF-8
as that seems to be the default.

I'm using Evolution 1.4.4

I'm starting to get worried that a whole wack of emails that I've sent
might be undecipherable by the folks on the other end.

Mike Gifford, OpenConcept Consulting
Free Software for Social Change -> http://www.openconcept.ca
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The masterâs tools will never dismantle the masterâs house - A Lorde

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