[Evolution] long post

I thought I might share some ideas I had about Evo and this list:

First, the apparently increased number and type of questions isn't
necessarily such a bad thing. To me it shows that the word is getting
out about Evolution and that more people are joining our ranks. The
questions will continue to increase with the number of users.

Second, take a breath! The replies from people with "@ximian.com" in
their email addresses have been getting pretty hostile lately, and have
crossed the bounds of professionalism, unless of course "dickhead" is a
new corporate buzzword. I have never written a program, but I do know
what it's like to work hard on an important project and then have some
johnny-come-lately start telling you how he would do it better. Try to
remember that no matter how good your software, someone else will want
something different.

Third, try to remember that one of the main goals (as far as I can tell)
is to lure people away from Outlook. If you advertise that you're an
Outlook replacement, you need to be prepared for people to ask you for
every single feature that is currently available to them in Outlook. No
matter how stupid you think a feature is, someone out there uses

Finally, how about a way to search the archives? People in here are
quick to snip about searching through the archives, but Ximian provides
no good way to do so. Why not have whoever runs the mailing list take 30
seconds to add this link to the bottom:

I hope you take this as it's meant and not as an attack. As a free user
of Ximian software I am thankful that your team is spending so much time
on this project and I hope it continues to succeed. I guess if Not Zed
doesn't figure out a way to make my copy of Evo format my hard drive
then I'll expect the flames to start pouring in. Thanks for your time.


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