Re: [Evolution] Problem after upgrading to Ximian Evolution 1.4

Hi Not,

RH9.0 KDE desktop

Thanks for your response.

It looks a little bid funny to me.  I am allowed to login KDE as ROOT
(as an Administrator) and KDE as USER, both working.  The only
difference is as ROOT RH9.0 KDE desktop displayed but as USER RH8.0 KDE
desktop displayed.

According to my recollection, during upgrade to Evolution 1.4 from
version 1.2 some GNOME files have been displayed asking for acceptance. 
After upgrade I started ROOT KDE desktop first and there was no
complaint.  Logout and relogin as USER KDE desktop a warning displayed
saying some GNOME files missed and then popup RH8.0 KDE desktop.

I upgraded from Ximian website with following command

wget -q -O - |sh

Can I make a second upgrade to correct this problem?

Thanks in advance.


On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 06:09, Not Zed wrote:
I'm only stabbing in the dark here, but you should be able to select the
login session from the login manager.  Although I have no idea about how
KDE does it, and I don't understand why installing (just) evolution
should make any difference.

On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 00:22, Stephen Liu wrote:
Hi all folks,

Evolution 1.4

I just finished installation of a RH9.0 box, everything going on
smoothly without problem. 

But after upgrading Ximian Evolution to Version 1.4 the User's KDE
desktop screen changes, looking different from that of Root's screen
(RH9.0 KDE desktop) as follows

1) The User's KDE desktop looks like RH8.0
2) Background pictures selection window same as RH8.0
3) Wall pictures available for selection same as RH8.0.  All RH9.0 wall
pictures disappeared

Remark:  The box was previously running RH7.3.  I made a clear/new

Kindly advise how to rectify it.

Stephen Liu

P.S. After finishing upgrading Evolution 1.4, following warning popup
once/the first time during login as user
Gnom daemon could not start .... something like that

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