[Evolution] IMAP functionality

I'm sure some of this has been addressed before, but I use IMAP as my
primary mail service, and I thought I'd share a few thoughts...

Obviously, the Local Folders are for things that are stored locally, so
they shouldn't contain IMAP folders and whatnot, but it would be *very*
nice if there was more flexibility as to where things were stored by
default.  Example:

I can choose what my Default Mail folder is, even if it is an IMAP
folder.  This is great.  It would be nice if I could also set other IMAP
folders as defaults for other folders, like "Sent" and "Drafts".  In
this way all of my correspondance is stored on one IMAP server, which is
very nice if you happen to be someone that switches between mail clients
frequently (I use Evo, pine, and an  http imap client: squirrelmail).


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