Re: [Evolution] Problem with filters

On Sat, 2003-10-25 at 10:47, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote: 
you've missed something obvious.

you want to mark the message read first, and then move it to another

remember that a move is a copy & delete. since the actions apply to the
source message, the mesg is being copied to another folder, then the
original is marked as deleted. after that, you are marking it (the
original mesg) as read.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the help. Marking the message read first helps for the second
part of my problem. However, although I have "Apply filters to Inbox"
set, the filter is not running when the messages are delivered. 

I've simplified the criteria to simply check for a sent address of
postmaster douganconsulting com but it's still not processing.



Des Dougan

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