[Evolution] Error Emptying Trash


Peter Spotts posted a message on the "Users" section of these mailing lists regarding an error when Evolution 
fails to Sync, in which case the following message is generated:

 "Error while 'expunging folder:'
Error storing 'Local folders/Inbox': Summary and folder mismatch, even
after a sync"

As far as I know he has had no response to his query which was posted on 2nd October.

The Answer on the Knowledge base is to remove the summary file:

"If you receive the above error, you can safely rm -f the mbox.ev-summary file located in 
~/evolution/local/<folder name>/. Next time you start Evolution, those files will be re-generated and the 
error will be cleared."

However, this has no effect on my system.

In today's era of Spam-laden mailboxes it is particularly trying to have all that offensive material piling 
up with no way to remove it, so if anyone does have a solution I would be overjoyed. As, I'm sure, would be 
Peter Spotts. In the mean time I am reduced to using Kmail.

Thank you,

Dave Coventry

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