[Evolution] re: text / html mail

Firstly, wow, I almost went through the first ~30 posts I received on
this list without seeing one html email :)

Now about that.  How do I make evolution (1.4.5) view _everything_ as
plain text emails?  Even the html ones?  Under tools > settings > mail
preferences, I changed both fonts to monospace 9, but html emails still
come in different colours, sizes and fonts.

I don't care about the formatting, I just want all messages to appear as
I'm typing this one now.  One font, one size, no matter who sends it.

And I'm aware of the 'view > message display > show email source' but
thats not a particularly elegant solution.  However, it proves that
evolution can kind of do it.

As usual, I searched around the evolution support site, and google, but
I didn't find anything useful on this issue.

The second question I have, which is kind of related, is about spaces. 
The only supposedly fixed width font that has spaces the same width as
characters is LucidaTypewriter, which is ugly!  Can anyone recommend a
good fixed-width font for evolution?

Iain Buchanan <iain pcorp com au>

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