[Evolution] Evolution image/pjpeg inline display (again)

Hi :)

I'm a longstanding Debian user (running sid at the moment) so have Evo
1.4.5, and am experiencing the problem listed in the subject, that
"Content-Type: image/pjpeg" attachments are not displayed inline, and I
am only given the option to Save Attachment.

I've found quite a few references to this on the web, but have yet to
come across a solution.  It's especially maddening because the
thumbnail in the Evo message pane shows the right image, but yet I must
save the attachment and view it externally.

I've had a poke in /etc/mime.types and mime-magic trying to add
image/pjpeg and copying the lines used to define 'image/jpeg' etc. but
without joy... one message I found with Google suggested to use gconf to
force Evo to deal with image/pjpeg inline.

This sounds like a plan, and I've had a poke through the Evolution part
of the Gconf 'registry' but have seen nothing appropriate..

Any advice would be warmly welcomed :)


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