[Evolution] Evo enhancements or KDE issues?

I'm running RH 9 with KDE 3.1 and have a couple of annoyances with Evo
(1.4.5) which I'm not sure are Evolution or KDE issues. I've searched
Bugzilla, and not found a reference.

1. Each time I go into a folder, there is no remembrance of which was
the last message selected, so in folders with large numbers of messages,
I have to scroll all the way to the end of the message list. Obviously,
if there are new messages in the folder, I can use "." to jump to the
first unread message, but this is not always an option. Does this only
happen on KDE, or do others using GNOME see this?

2. Window sizes and positions are not retained across sessions - when I
open a message (either to read or compose), it opens is a small window,
and I have to resize each time. Doesn't Evolution remember positions, or
is this a KDE issue?



Des Dougan

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