Re: [Evolution] snaps shots not updating INBOX

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 20:36, Des Dougan wrote:
I'm seeing something similar on 1.4.5, updated via Red Carpet from 1.2.2
on RH 9.

On my main IMAP account (UW Maildir), none of the folders are showing
the arrival of new mail, which is incredibly annoying. I have another
couple of IMAP accounts on the same server (admin, info), and I see mail
arriving in the admin account Inbox. 

Actually, having just done a bit more testing, I'm seeing inconsistent
displaying of new messages arriving in the admin account I have - I just
sent a message to it from the mail IMAP account, and it didn't display
although a previous test did (I have check for new mail at the default
10 minute setting). The main IMAP account consistently refuses to
display the arrival of new messages.

Anyone else seeing this?

Des Dougan

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