[Evolution] Frequent autocompletion from GAL crashes with evo / connector 1.4.5


Is anyone else seeing frequent exchange storage back end crashes with autocompletion from an exchange GAL?  I get 5 or 6 a day at present, since upgrading to 1.4.5.  The problem isn't uniformly repeatable - sometimes a crash will happen on the first attempt at autocompletion, sometimes the second, third...., or sometimes not at all.  The error gives a dialog box regarding a crash of the evolution_exchange_storage back end, which then freezes X windows.  No other windows / apps are able to get focus.  The only "solution" is switch to another console, manually kill evolution and bonobo, then go back to X, where everything else is OK.  I've tried CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1, but no additional info is given.  Are there any other debug tricks I could try?

I've submitted it as bug 49275, but it's a bit short of anything which might help the developers.


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