Re: [Evolution] How to import tasks/appts non-interactively?

 Here's where I am stuck: how do I get the iCal
data into Evolution?

You can't do it easily directly from perl. You'll need to write a C
program and use libcalclient (and beware that you'll have to rewrite it
for Evolution 2.0 because the API will be changing).

Thanks for the detailed explanation of steps involved.  Unfortunately, I
don't have the expertise (or spare time to develop the expertise) to
create such a C app at this time.  

Anyone know any alternate short cuts or other clever work-around hacks? 
If not, I'll stick with the maildir folder of MIME text/calendar
attachments idea.  Thanks.

- Alan

Alan Millar                  Email: Alan Millar LPCorp com
System Administrator         Voice: 503-821-5450
Louisiana-Pacific            Fax:   509-692-3948

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