Re: [Evolution] German peculiars yields a base64 encoding.

I did some more tests.
It only happens when I create a new message, if I reply to an email or
if I forward a message, evolution uses the normal "quoted-printable"
(cleartext) format. Also I've got some installations where evolution
always uses the "quoted-printable" format. But I see no difference
between this installations and my broken one. Same version (1.4.4), same


Am Do, 2003-11-27 um 18.12 schrieb Oliver Egginger:
Hello all,

I'am using evolution version 1.4.4 (aka Ximian) with Mandrake Linux 9.2.
In the majority of cases I have to write my emails in the german
language. In German exits some additional characters. When I use these
characters Ximian creates a base64 encoded message
("Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64"). But what I really want is the
"quoted-printable" format and not an "base64" encoding. 

I'am unable to configure Ximian to encode my (german) messages in the
"quoted-printable" (cleartext) format. Is there a way to do that? Could
you suggest a possibility? Every hint would be appreciated. 


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