Re: [Evolution] Expression documentation

On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 11:59, Matthew A. R. Sherian wrote:
I am attempting to right a filter that will run a glade app that will
pop-up a window the rule is enclosed, but match-folder isn't a valid
expression. What are the available expressions?

(match-all (header-source  "exchange://<snip>/"))
     (match-all (not (system-flag  "Seen")))
  (match-all (match-folder BigBrother)))

Well, the expressions aren't terribly well documented at the moment. 
I'm a little unclear about what exactly you are trying to do.  If you
want to run an app based on a  why don't you just use the shell command
filter action?

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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