Re: [Evolution] outlook compatibility

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 20:39, Cynthia Gu wrote:

I notice there is an option "Don't sign meeting requests(for Outlook
compatibility)" on security tab of a mail account. Can anybody explain
why this is needed to be compatible with Outlook and which versions of
Outlook are relevant here?

If you turn on PGP signing and turn off the "don't sign meeting
requests" option, and send a meeting request to an Outlook user, they
won't be able to accept it. This is because Outlook/Exchange are very
pick about what does and doesn't count as a meeting request, and a
"text/calendar" inside a "multipart/signed" doesn't count as a meeting
request to them. (At least for PGP signing. It might work for S/MIME.)

Outlook 2000 was definitely affected. I don't know if we tested with XP.
We definitely never tested with Outlook 2003.

-- Dan

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