[Evolution] Evolution 1.4

Hi to Evolution 1.4 users
Mandrake 9.2 now has Evolution installed.
Have configured the setup forms information to connect to my ISPO.
Dialup KPPP  connects to Infogen.net.nz  but Error Message for Send and Receive mail
Server pop mail.infogen.net.nz Type pop
Server Mail .infogen.net.nz Type SMTP
Error while feching mail host lookup failed pop.mail infogen.net.nz Unknown Reason
Error while performing operation Host lookup failed Mail.infogen.net.nz Unknown Reason
After many resetups to trace errors I still am unable to use Evolution on the internet.
Have downloaded via Windows Ximian Evolution site print out
Why can't I send mail with Evolution Have checked Mail Setting ,but still no Mail
Not a very good start for Evolution first time user.
9.1  Mandrake  I use Kmail no problem
Why  does  Evolution have problems on my computer?
 Any solutions?

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