[Evolution] Evolution and Imap - REPOST

Hello all,

I have been out of the Linux scene for a few months and I just reinstalled
Red Hat 9 on my system. I went to Ximian.com (Now owned by Novel to my
surprise) and downloaded the new Evolution.

Now, I have been using the same combination of mail server for over a year
now and never had any problems with IMAP on Evolution. I use Courier-IMAP
(For Maildir's) and Qmail.

This time, upon launching Evolution after setting it up, I'm getting this
strange error:

Error while 'Scanning folders in "IMAP server joeman1.com"':
IMAP command failed: Error in IMAP command received by server.

I have never received this error and cant figure out why I'm getting it.

Anyone has any ideas of where I should look?



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