Re: [Evolution] Some queries - or suggestions

1) I would very much like to be able to select a 'save to' folder when I
send a message. As with many people these days, I deal with a number of
simultaneous projects and I would like to be able to save received and
sent messages for each project in a specific folder.

I can't see a way to select the 'save to' folder at the time of sending
a I missing something or is this not available in Evolution?

There is no option to select a special folder in the Composer. However,
there are other (limited) possibilities.

Outgoing filters (Tools / Filters) can dynamically move sent mails to
special folders, based on any info available to filters. Like
recipients, domains, special words in subject, etc.

You even could define multiple accounts (no incoming info, only used for
sending) that have different folders associated for sent mails.

If this ain't sufficient, feel free to check
(this probably already is field) or file a wish yourself.

2) When dealing with projects, I frequently need to send email to the
same group of people. I can't find a way to establish a 'group' address
(ie a list of addresses I can access as a single contact to send email
to everyone working on a project) to accomplish this quickly and easily.

Contacts: New / Contact List

Multiple recipients accessible in the Composer like any other contact.


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