Re: [Evolution] pgp/gpg implementation doesn't work correctly

Am Son, den 16.11.2003 schrieb Andrew Cowie um 08:40:
Perhaps you or me can contact ximian about this "feature".
Do you have a evol. developer email - adress?

In case you didn't know, Jeffery Stedfast (aka fejj) *works* at Ximian.
He's the guy who wrote Evolution's GPG code.

He gets this question, what, about once every two weeks? :)

ups, i did only read "evolution hacker" in his e-mails and thought he
would be a huge freak/fan of evolution and not a developer:-)

While it is a continued disappointment to all of us that Evo won't do
inline PGP signatures, it turns out there are reasonably good reasons
for it (about 1/2 philosophy "right-thing-to-do", and about 1/2
consequences of the way PGP is implemented in Evolution).


If you search the mailing list archives (try google on 
"evolution PGP") you'll see a large number of
threads on this topic; likewise, Ximian's bugzilla has at least two bugs
(which those list threads will refer to) which contain somewhat detailed
technical arguments on the topic.

@Jeffery: I suggest that ximian put this issue to FAQ section at ximian
support site. this would be make life easier.


thanks for your help

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