Re: [Evolution] Moving contacts etc between computers

Aha... I hadn't been looking for background tasks ! That would explain
why the original data came back.

It now works fine. This is probably the deciding factor on me switching
completely to Evolution. I've been using Linux for mail etc at home for
a while, trying different programs, but intend to move my mail, contacts
etc off of Windows at the turn of the year, leaving my Windows machine
free for Visual C (the debugger is the one thing I've found that can
completely crater XP, which is a real pain when you're in the middle of
downloading email at the time).

Now, just in case I ever get any spare time, are the specs for the .db
and .ics files readily available ? Having given up on syncing with my
Palm IIIc I've dug out my trusty old Psion 3a, and of course that has a
reasonable programming language that allows you to access the address
book, schedule and other databases...

Many thanks for your help,


On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 19:24, guenther wrote:
Sorry, to quote myself...

So, Evolution is obviously keeping some sort of cache somewhere, but
where ? 

Yep, there are background tasks running for Calendar and Contacts.

Before overwriting those files, shutdown Evolution entirely:
$ evolution --force-shutdown

Run this command not only before overwriting. Close Evolution and run
this command on the machine you copy modified files *from*.

This is necessary, as the background tasks may not have synced recent
changes to disk -- which will lead to data corruption.

In short: Run that command on both machines before doing anything with
those data files.


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