Re: [Evolution] Moving contacts etc between computers

I have SuSE 8.2 systems both at work and at home. I am running Evolution
1.4.4 on both machines. I would like to keep the Calendar, Tasks and
Contacts data in sync between the two systems (but not email - I have
different email addresses at work & at home).

I'm thinking that I can use rsync and a directory on my USB flash disc
to transfer the data, but which files do I need to keep in sync ?


Those are the default ones. If you do have multiple Contact Folders
(etc.) it is probably the easiest way to sync all those directories

As an experiment, I tried bringing my Tasks from my work PC to my home
PC ... I brought the file ~/evolution/Tasks/tasks.ics home and put it
into the same directory on the home PC to replace the current one.
However, when I started Evolution it overwrote that file with the old
task list.
The tasks.ics file on my flash disc definitely has my work task list in
it (I checked with Kcalendar), and when I first copy it into
~/evolution/Tasks the copy also has the correct tasks. But after running
Evolution it has reverted to the old home task list.

So, Evolution is obviously keeping some sort of cache somewhere, but
where ? 

Yep, there are background tasks running for Calendar and Contacts.

Before overwriting those files, shutdown Evolution entirely:
$ evolution --force-shutdown

After doing this you can overwrite that files. Running Evolution again
will then get the changes.


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