Re: [Evolution] Can Evolution Use A Different Web Browser?

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 14:43, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
every month in the archives dating back at least 2 years probably has
mention of this particular issue at least 20 times :-)

well it's not so bad in that case then, as finding the answer in the
archives shouldn't take long :-)

my point was that - far as I know - the archives are not searchable (as
the original poster mentioned), which is a great shame. Sifting through
40+ pages of topics (and then only being able to search on subject and
not message content) seems a little limited and something of a waste of
what would otherwise be a very useful resource.

I just wondered if I'd missed something (highly likely knowing me! :-)
and there is indeed a search front-end to the archives lurking on the
website somewhere - if not then I'm hardly surprised that the same
questions keep on cropping up every few weeks, as I doubt many people
want to either browse 4+ years of messages or wait to download 93MB of
data in the hope that the answer to their question is somewhere within!

Full credit to the team for actually archiving the data in the first
place though... more than a lot of companies would do (if they even
bothered to run a support mailing list at all)



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