[Evolution] Compose Window Size - Font Settings

Let me first say that I'm a KDE user.  Apologies to Gnome bigots.  :-)

I've some issues with the latest Evolution.  These 2 are the most
annoying today.

1.  Is there no way to save or specify the size of the compose window
when you hit "new"?  Basically, I'd like it to open a window that is
approximately 80 characters wide starting at the top of my display and
extending to about the task bar.  I've tried bringing up the compose
window, resizing it, and closing it thinking Evolution would remember. 
It doesn't.

2.  I've set my fonts using the "gnome-font-properties" tool.  However,
when I logout/login to KDE and start Evolution I get the fonts based on
my KDE settings.  To get things the way I want them I have to bring up
"gnome-font-properties" once every login session


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