Re: [Evolution] How to set scripted signature to preformatted?

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 14:20, Jeff Clough wrote:
I have a script that generates my email signatures. The problem is, I
think,that Evolution (1.2.4) applies "normal" style to it. I need it to
apply "preformatted" style to it so that things stay lined up the way
they should. Is there any way to specify the formatting of a
script-generated signature?

The .sig below is generated by a script.  Evo treats such things as
HTML, not raw text, which is why your text is losing formatting.  I
solve this by putting:

        echo "</pre>-- "
        cat ~/.templates/signatureN

to put the text out as preformatted, and then the generated stuff

Hope this helps,

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