Re: [Evolution] Synchronising laptop and desktop evolutions

maybe you should look at mutlisync.
I'm using it to sync my t610 mobile via bluetooth, and it works great!
It should also be possible to sync two instances of evo via mutlisync.
It also supports syncml. Unfortunately, I did not yet make it sync with
an syncml server yet.
As soon as it works, it might be a great replacement for crappy
connector, witch does not even have a demo version available:-)
Regarding installation, this was a bit tricky on SuSE8.2, as there
were almost no gnome-development libs applicable as SuSE rpm.
You'll have to compile all bye yourself.
Finally, after almost 6 hours, it worked great.
If you'd would describe your instalation issue, I might help you.
Mind to make an aclocal in the multisync directory!  

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