Re: Fwd:Re: [Evolution] Synchronising laptop and desktop evolutions

Perfect sense, thank you.  This is more or less what I am aiming at,
except that I would like contacts, calendar and tasks to be
synchronised too, and I'm not sure that that is possible with IMAP.

This is not possible with IMAP, cause IMAP is designed for mails.

But, you aren't using IMAP at all, do you? At least you justs planned to
switch Evolution *local* mail format to maildir...

As Calendar and Tasks are just plain text ICS files, they should be kept
in sync using Unison easily. The binary BerkeleyDB format of the
Contacts probably has more potential for conflicts, but it should work.

Now, if you have changed the mail format to maildir, you should be able
to sync your machines using Unison. Sync ~/evolution/local/ if you only
want to sync the data (mails, contacts, etc). Filters and vFolders can
be found in your ~/evolution/ directory.

Still sounds good, thanks.  Now to find some way of converting from
mbox to maildir!

Michal Fresel already answered this in another thread.

If this all works for you, please drop a line on the list for future
reference... ;-)


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