Re: [Evolution] Insert error

This seems to be a bug to me.

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
that error means that the composer cannot convert your text file from
your locale charset into UTF-8 as it contains invalid byte sequences.

probably means that the text file was not saved in the same charset that
you have setup your evolution to use.

A file of type iso-8859-1 can not contain invalid byte sequences as it
only consists of single bytes. My locale character set is iso-8859-1
and  my settings in evolution are iso-8859-1 as default character set.

When I tried to insert a file with the following content:
it works, but if I add a character from the upper code plane
(in this case 0xE5):

I get the following error:
Error loading file '/home/orre/test1.txt':
Channel terminates in a partial character

This error message clearly shows that evolution is trying to
interpret a character with the highest bit set as a sequence.
If it would expect iso-8859-1 as the file format, it would not
expect a sequence of characters.

As I mentioned earlier, this is also the case if I'm pasting into
the buffer from e.g. emacs, then nothing is inserted if there are
any eight bit characters, but if I read the same file into e.g.
openoffice and copy/paste it from there it works.

        Best regards

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 02:13, Roland Orre wrote:
I had written my message in emacs and then intended to insert
it into a mail being composed. Evolution responds with:

Error loading file '/home/orre/doc/avtal/reply-offer1.txt':
Invalid byte sequence in conversion input.

Hmm.. by definition you should not be able to get this kind of
error from a text file. I guess it has some prejudicies about
the file being Unicode or Mime or something, but... how to
insert a simple text (iso8859-1) file...

I could not even just cut and paste it. Every 8-bit character I
had to type on the keyboard.


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