[Evolution] Mouse scroll makes too large steps

I'm now running evolution 1.45, gnome 2.4 and metacity.

My problem is that the scroll with the mouse wheel makes too large
steps, so when I'm for instance scrolling a message I have to use the
scroll bar, otherwise I'm missing part of the message (it's actually
scrolling one line too much, but I would prefer e.g. a half page scroll
as in e.g. the folder window.).

When I'm scrolling in the folder window with headers it works fine,
there it scrolls about half a window for each scroll step.

I'm not sure this is an evolution problem, but I had the same problems
earlier when running KDE for a while with evolution 1.4. The scroll
works fine in e.g. mozilla and xterm and it worked perfectly fine
when earlier running gnome 2.2, sawfish and evolution 1.2.

        Best regards
        Roland Orre

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