Re: [Evolution] Feature request

Hi there,

sorry if I jump in here to ask something that has been an issue
elsewhere but was not answered by now. As you are talking about the
filters in Evo, my problem is sort of related: I tried to find useful
documentation on the "expression" and "regexp" fields available in the
filters dialog but could not find any. 

From Jeffrey's answer I understand he is somewhat deeper involved in the
evo development. Jeff, can you give me a hint where to find docs on
those expression / regexp options? Are they usable by now or just a
"placeholder" for a feature yet to come?


On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 22:05, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
I think drag&drop is something we've talked about adding at one point.
pretty sure that is in bugzilla already.

the search feature in the filter-list dialog is new tho, and might be
useful. another idea that might be nice is some sort of grouping, such
that you can create a tree of filters:

+ GNOME mailing Lists
  - desktop-devel
  - foundation
  - gnumeric

this way you can collapse the toplevel and thus allow faster finding of

anyways, this is all stuff that anna (our ui person) needs to sign off


On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 16:12, Francisco J. Fernandez wrote:
I have set a lot of filters to distribute all the e-mail I usually
receive. Sometimes I try to modify a filter rule, but it is difficult to
search among all them one by one. I think it should be a great
improvement to add a search field to the rules dialog.

Another problem is that sometimes I create a new rule and if I want to
displace it to the top, I have to click multiple times in the Up button.
It would be more easy to click on the rule and drag it on top of the
list to rearrange them.


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