Re: [Evolution] socks 5 support?

On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 16:40, gilh technolog ca wrote:
I'm working behind a corporate firewall which requires a socks5 proxy in
order to access resources outside the corporate intranet. Unfortunately,
that's where my email server lives.

Is there any way to configure Evolution to use a socks5 proxy?

This works for me - I've got my work email account and two home email
accounts showing in my Folders, and all work identically.  On Solaris
and SuSE =O)

Once you've got your socks5 proxy config going, run:

        $SOCKS_PATH/runsocks $EVO_PATH/bin/evolution-1.4 "$@"   

or whatever to run Evolution inside the runsocks environment.  All this
really does is force a different networking library on Evo to make it go
to the Socks proxy instead.  And then, at least for me, it just works.

Good luck,
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