Re: [Evolution] Basic proxy-auth for Summary items

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 08:14, Charles Bueche wrote:

I'm trying to setup my summary to work behind a proxy that wants
BASIC-AUTH. I have tried the method listed in Ximian supprot base "How
can I make the Evolution Summary work with my proxy server?" but
evolution always try to use NTLM auth, and my proxy wants BASIC.

How do I configure the auth-type to BASIC, using gconftool-2 ???

Blah. I think libsoup is buggy, and if the proxy offers NTLM, soup tries
to do NTLM auth to the destination server rather than the proxy.

There's no clean workaround, but you might be able to fake soup out by
changing your username from "charles" (or whatever) to
"charles;AUTH=Basic". But that would break proxy usage outside of

You could also try creating a file ".souprc" in your homedir and adding:

        proxy-uri: http://username;AUTH=Basic:password hostname:port/

but I think that will only work if you don't have a proxy configured in
the control center, because otherwise that information would override
the souprc info.

-- Dan

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