Re: [Evolution] Addressbook Palm Synchronization Not Working

On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 17:28, Philip Glaser wrote:

I'm using Evolution 1.4.4 in Red Hat 9. When I try to synchronize my
address book, it copies about two or three entries, some of the
duplicates, and then disconnects. The Palm gives an error about being
disconnected from the host.

The calendar and task synchronization work fine. 

Any suggestions?


I had a similar problem when restoring after a hard reset. Mine was
choking on files named ***Archive.pdb like EISArchive.pdb. Try removing
them from the My Pilot directory then hotsync.

One way to tell is kill gpilotd and start it again in a terminal window.
When you sync, watch the messages in the window to see what files cause
it to fail.

Once you complete syncing you can try to use gpilot-install-file to
restore the files you removed.

Alexandria, VA

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