[Evolution] 1.3.3 Composer Issues and Font Questions

I've recently switched to using 1.3.x full time using the Red Hat
rawhide build on Red Hat 9. It's so nice to have Evo in all it's gtk2
anti-aliased splendor.

I'm only having a few problems and I'd like to know if they're already
known or not. The composer font is apparently not settable (it doesn't
match the font I chose for viewing received mail, or any font I've set
anywhere) and the composer key bindings are not working yet (preference
gui exists but doesn't work). I'm guessing these are known but searching
bugzilla is not an exact science for me.

A more general font question. Is it planned for evo to eventually have
preferences for all fonts? For example, to set the folder list and
message list font, I had to change my System Wide Application font. Now
my evo fonts are good but my panel menu fonts are unnecessarily small.
This is probably more of a gnome issue but many programs seem to allow
you to override the system wide fonts.

Thanks for all the hard work...

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