Re: [Evolution] Reply with option

Le ven 09/05/2003 à 14:13, Webmaster a écrit :
I am a member of a support team, as such its quite important that I
reply to customer emails promptly. One feature that enables me to do
this is a "reply with" feature. I have about 50 standard replies set up
which answer the normal customer inquiries I get. 

So, when I get an email I can right click on it, chose reply with, and
then select what text passage to reply with.

Is this feature (or anything similar) available on Evolution.


I have to reply to a lot of customer mails myself and for this task I'm
using, as you do, a bunch of standard replies.

In Evolution, I created different signatures corresponding to my
standard replies.

When I reply to a message, I simply choose the appropriate signature in
the option list in the composing window.

It works very well.


Philippe Chartier <chartiep cybersciences com>

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