Re: [Evolution] Another Spell-Checking question

Well, I just tried it again. Once again, it's not working. I install the
newer aspell packages and all spell checking ability is gone. Not a
single language pack (of which I have 3) appears in the list for me to
enable it.

Anyone have any ideas?


On Mon, 2003-03-24 at 03:26, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
søn, 2003-03-23 kl. 18:25 skrev Rick Friedman:

I removed the newer packages and re-installed the Ximian packages.
Suddenly, spell-checking was working again.

So, it seems Ximian aspell packages are specifically needed by
Evolution. No?

Evo 1.2.3: My pspell and gnome-spell are Ximian's, all my aspell stuff,
including several language packs, are standard Red Hat 7.2 and work.



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